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Intestinal Mycosis - KyberMyk

Intestinal mycoses can cause various symptoms. The following symptoms indicate mycosis of the intestine:

  •      Changing faecal quality
  •      Watery diarrhea, often alternating with constipation
  •      Meteorism, flatulence
  •      bloating
  •      Itching of the anal area
  •      Anal eczema.

Using KyberMyk diagnostics an intestinal mycosis can be detected. For this purpose, the fungi are grown on special nutrient media and are subsequently identified. In addition, possible pathogenicity factors of the fungi are determined.

Antimycotics are not the only way to treat a mycosis. A holistic alternative are essential oils. The essential oils, which are effective against the isolated fungus, are determined using an aromatogram.

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