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Institute of Microecology - Your specialist for microbiota and mucosal surfaces

MVZ Institute of Microecology is a provider of comprehensive and innovative laboratory services for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of complex diseases linked to the microbiota and all human mucosal surfaces.

A reliable partner for therapists and patients

We have a long-standing experience as a reliable and innovative clinical laboratory for medical doctors and therapists, dentists, mid-wives and pharmacists. We combine academic medicine and holistic approaches for the benefit of the patient.

Over 60 years of microbial experience

The Institute of Microecology has over 60 years of experience. Our main focus is on the microbes colonizing the gut, vagina and mouth.

Everyday our microbiota comes more and more into the focus of science, and now scientists consider the microbiota as an organ and link it to various diseases. A view which was already taken six decades ago by three young medical doctors in Herborn. They considered the human being and its microbial inhabitants as symbionts. Faecal microbial analysis was considered as a tool for the diagnosis of the disturbed microbial human relationship. Nowadays, modern microbiome studies disclose the link between chronic diseases and a dysbiosis in the microbiota.

We employ microbial-, immunological- and molecular assays to help the medical community in their daily life. For this purpose, the institute transfers cutting-edge scientific methods into applicable diagnostic results. Our cooperation with national- and international universities allows us a lead in the field of microbial diagnostics.

We see the whole human being from head to toe

We provide more than 20 diagnostic tests which cover the human gut, oral, skin and vaginal microbiota, infection and immunological parameters as well as blood tests.

Our highly-sophisticated laboratory allows a fast and reliable diagnosis and combines this with academic and holistic recommendations.

The MVZ Institut für Mikroökologie is licensed by DAkkS which is the national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany. Pursuant to Regulation (EC) No. 765/2008 and the Accreditation Body Act (AkkStelleG), it acts in the public interest and as the sole provider of accreditations in Germany.

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